2016-2017 School Year


Peres Elementary School

Site #: 147 Grade: Pre K-6
719 - 5th St.
Richmond, 94801-2655
Main Telephone: (510)231-1407

Preschool Teacher: Mr. Akinwale Ajayi
Principal: Mr. Jawan Eldridge

Week 1- Beginning of the School Year (Circle Time, Rules, & Routine)

Week 3- B is for Balance (What Weighs More?)

Week 2- A is for Ant
(Insect Study) Garden Visit

 Week 4- C is for Continents, Ancient Egypt Pyramid Penny Counting Project

Week 5- D is for Dentist & Dinosaur (Fossil Excavation,

Dinosaur Sponge Art & Making Fossil Footprints)

Week 6- E is for Electricity (Learning about Static Electricity)

Week 7- F is for Family (Family Tree)

Week 8- G is for Girl

(The Human Body)

Week 9- H is for How to: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (Making Model Cars with Recycled Milk Cartons) 

Week 10- I is for Ice: States of Matter

(Dry Ice Bubble Science Experiment) 

Week 11- J is for Jack O' Lantern (Halloween Parade)

Week 12- K is for King

(Learning About Monarchy, Preschool Presidential Election)

Preschool Knighting Ceremony

Preschool Royal Feast

Preschooler Casting Her Ballot